Belief isn’t about facts.

It is about trust.

It is about actions that match our words.

The Enlightenment, a period of time hundreds of years ago, was a time when great thinkers were convinced that if we just thought about something long and hard enough the answer to any question was within our grasp. Their way of looking at the world shaped western thought for a very long time.

But things are changing. Over time we have realized that reality can look very different from differing vantage points. So truth isn’t nearly as clear cut as we might wish. Which makes belief pretty challenging sometimes.

What is most important these days is to find a wise community of people in which to carry out our exploration of ourselves and things beyond ourselves. A community that will both teach and listen, love us and hold us accountable. Because what we say we believe doesn’t mean much if it isn’t reflected in how we live our lives.