Way back when, if you wanted to make a contribution to a cause, there were a number of ways to give. You might give an animal, for instance, or food you had grown. As time went by, and the barter system wasn’t cutting it anymore, people might use objects, like shells or precious stones, as currency. Next came precious metals, and eventually coins were fashioned with particular values. Paper currency arose later, and still later personal checks and credit cards became the norm.

All of these methods of transacting business were also used by people of faith in giving to their favorite causes, whether houses of worship or otherwise. It stands to reason that our choices in giving would continue to expand as our financial options expand. Many of us pay bills online, or with automatic withdrawals at the same time each month so we know the bill gets paid, and we know when it will come out of our account. What if you could do the same thing with your regular tithes and offerings to Spirit of Hope?

Now you can! On this page, you are able to sign up for e-giving, which is simply the newest way to express your generosity through your tithes and offerings. If you would rather not, no worries. You can keep on giving in the manner that is comfortable for you. If you want to make sure that important contribution makes it to Spirit of Hope regardless of weather, illness, vacations, procrastination, and whatever else can get in the way of your being present to drop it in the plate, e-giving may be for you.

Consider Giving to Spirit of Hope