Blue Christmas at SOH is observed on the longest night of the year, the winter solstice, which falls on Thursday, December 21st.

The holiday season is full of lights, celebrations, smiling faces, and family gatherings. But it isn’t a happy time of year for everyone. Some of us merely endure it, and may even dread its coming every twelve months. Some anniversaries–loss of loved ones, relationships ending–are not joyous, at all. And sometimes the year has just unfolded in a way that makes it tough to smile–a job lost, an illness diagnosed, finances in the toilet, depression, loneliness, or fill in the blank with your personal hardship.

At SOH, we observe the occasion of Christ’s coming with this Blue Christmas service at 7 p.m. on December 21st. At this service, we keep things more quiet and reflective. It’s an opportunity to look at our lives as they really are, without putting on a false front or a forced smile. We’ll pray, and sing (or just listen), and spend time personally connecting with the gift of Christ at several stations set up in the worship space.

Join us yourself, or let someone know about it who could use it.