Witnessing Our Why

Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle has moved many organizations and individuals to reevaluate their purpose for being.  Believe it or not, the church is just as vulnerable to losing its way as anyone else.  You’d think purpose would be a strong suit for followers of Jesus, but distraction and mission creep are dastardly and indiscriminate.

Beginning May 20th, Pentecost Sunday, and running through June, Sunday worship will connect with this theme of why we are here.  What is the purpose of the church?  Where did we come from?  How do we get off course?  What personal stories do we share with one another about the reasons we are here in the church?  What collective story do we claim?

As prologue, the two Sundays prior to Pentecost, May 6th and 13th, we’ll look at our mission statement as United Methodists: making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  Where did this come from?  Does it reflect our reality at SOH?

See you Sunday!